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    The 2016 Computers in Manufacturing and Logistics Conference and Exhibition ( CIML)is being held on July 5th  2016 in the National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham.

    The move towards a smart manufacturing plant and supply chain is increasing. More and more data is available throughout the manufacturing plant and across the supply chain. This availability of data and the means to analyse it and effect improvements is leading to increased efficiencies, reduced waste, lower costs, increased productivity etc.

    This event will bring together  1000+ key stakeholders and regulatory bodies from the UK manufacturing , logistics and supply chain industry  , plus key suppliers of software, hardware, consultancy services etc. that are pushing the limits in increasing the efficiencies of the UK manufacturing and logistics industry through  the collection and intelligent use of data.

    Note: The 2106 Computers in Manufacturing & Logistics Conference and Expo is collocated with the Food and Drink Data and IT Summit, an event focused on software , data, IT, automaton, data capture technology  in the food and beverage industry which was held successfully in 2015. Delegates are free to move between events.

    The speaker lineup is drawn from senior management throughout the Manufacturing and Logistics industry who have delivered improved performance through the intelligent use of data to improve areas such as plant management, logistics and supply chain, traceability, quality & safety, production, human capital management, waste reduction, energy management etc.

    Hear from an impressive line-up of speakers from  industries such as pharmaceutical, aerospace, aviation, automotive, construction, chemical, defence, energy, electronics, food, healthcare, IT ,Textiles, FMCG warehousing, transportation and distribution that are at the cutting edge of utilising data and IT in their business

    If you are interested in creating a smarter, more efficient and more sustainable manufacturing industry and supply chain, join your industry peers for a engaging and thought provoking event which will stimulate debate and help you to make the correct decisions to improve your manufacturing and logistics operations.

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