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Computers in Manufacturing and Logistics »

  • The Computers in Manufacturing and Logistics (CIML) Expo, which is part of the Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition being held on 1st July, 2020 in the Arena MK, Milton Keynes, will show how computer-controlled systems can improve the performance of businesses of all types and sizes through the collection and intelligent use of data.

    The move towards a smart manufacturing plant and supply chain is accelerating. More and more data is available throughout the manufacturing plant and across the supply chain. This availability of data and the means to analyse it and effect improvements is leading to increased efficiencies, reduced waste, lower costs, increased productivity etc.

    The Computers in Manufacturing and Logistics (CIML) Expo will attempt to cut through the jargon and provide visitors with practical advice on how they can harness the benefits of the latest developments in areas such as: ICT (Information Communication Technology), CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture), CAMA (Computer Aided Market Analysis ), CAID (Computer Aided Industrial Design ), FMS (Flexible manufacturing Systems ), CAA (Computer Aided Administration), and AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle).

    In addition to the CIML Expo, other co-located events incorporated within the 2019 Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition include:

    * The IOT and Industry 4.0 Expo;
    * The National Procurement Summit;
    * The Sustainable Manufacturing Summit;
    * The Automation and Robotics Show;
    * The High-Tech Manufacturing and Precision Engineering Expo;
    * The Supply Chain & Logistics Expo;
    * The Lean, Productivity and Continuous Improvement Summit;
    * The QEHS Expo;
    * 3D Printing Expo.

    The Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition is a technology to industry event covering the full spectrum of British manufacturing and its supply chain. With its comprehensive Conference programme and exhibition area displaying the latest technological solutions, it is one of the largest events of its kind in Britain.

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